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When I did get the sense I could do that, I started to do it.

What’s my training regime like? Are you in a gym at the crack of dawn? What’s your schedule like?

I work my ass off every day on magic. I’m lucky enough to have a coach who can teach me the right tools to perform magic and also show me a lot of patience. I work out on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7am to 9am (morning and evening). I’m in a gym with a great gym lady who understands that I train for magic. I’m also pretty good at reading the signals in this environment so I do take an 8-13min rest every day between classes.

What about sleep? How far do I need to take a nap after the magic?

I don’t sleep during classes so I don’t need to take a nap. In the class, I take a nap for every 2 or 3 hours. If I need to sleep for 5 minutes, for instance, I take 2 breaks as this is around 2.5 hours of training a day, so I need 1 break for every 3.7 hours I train. I am usually up at around 7:30 am every day.

Where is my training area?

I live at the University of Illinois. I train at the USF Magic Academy in the main building. It’s right by the intersection of campus.

You have a lot of friends training under you. Who are they?

A lot of people are in my circle of influence and I don’t like to reveal too much about my friends. They train in the Magic Academy or are on the Magic Grand Prix circuit. I have good friends in each of my classes and in some of my classes friends that do magic for a living or have been doing magic for a living. We all work incredibly hard at the magic scene and I am very happy to have great people working with me every day‚Ķ including my amazing coach and mentors, Andrew, Adam, Jeremy, and Jarrad (@Penguination).

There’s one point I wanted to get to, but I don’t think I’ll get to it for another 3 years.

I’ve never seen Magic done the way that it’s been done before on stage.

I love performance magic. That can definitely be said for the people who have performed at the Grand Prix circuit. I’ve been working with Magic for

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