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How does a real magician create the illusion of real magic? How does David Blaine create the illusion of the real thing? Does he have a mirror in his living room? Is that enough? It would be so easy to take any of these things and create the illusion of real magic on stage, that there would be no need for the mirror. It’s all based on the audience and the time. It’s hard to imagine someone doing it. The way it’s done and the audience and the story that you have to tell there really have to be some real magic to it. I think he’s one of those rare people who has that ability.
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How did you begin playing this role, to you? Who was playing it?

It started about five years ago. At the time I was the last of the performers who hadn’t left the theater. It was a great idea. They told us in advance. One of the great things was the audience reaction, which was very strong. At the time for me the best thing in making it real was that I didn’t know anybody else. The only other performer that had an opening for the part was my mother. We used to see her at her house when I was growing up, and then I did a few shows a couple years ago with her in LA. My mother is a very wonderful woman. She and I are probably the only two married performers working right now who are still doing this. It’s an amazing gig, but also such a strange thing. She gets on with everybody, she’s very happy. You really find out that you’re not going to have to do the show.

I want to say that we were always so grateful that we were able to continue doing these shows. It was such a pleasure to be able to do this show. What were the best and worst moments of playing this role?

As far as the best and worst, I could say that when you watch the show, one of my good moments is we’re in an elevator, and suddenly someone gets up, goes upstairs, closes the door, and in comes my mother, who is holding onto a telephone. You can hear my mother talk to the phone, and I think that’s a very good one. Then there were times I’m on stage, and I’m doing the part. I don’t want to get into too much detail because I have things to say, but there was a big one about being in a room where I’m not allowed to speak;

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