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The key is this:
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You hold a pair of the “needle” and “nail” in your hand, as if with a pair of scissors. (The “slipper” is really a large ball of string that you’ll be putting through the needle while holding the “needle.”)

You move the needle back and forth in between your fingers. Make sure to be patient and slow and controlled. Watch the video at the top (or here) to see us do it.

Here’s how it looks when we do it:

As the ball of string approaches, move the needle to your thumb and pull the nail into the needle, making it very tight around the nail.

Here’s a close-up of how the nail and the needle feel as they grip it.

As you do this exercise, make sure to focus on keeping things very tight and make sure you don’t move the needle while holding the nail. In other words, don’t let go.

Watch the video at the top or check out this video where we do the same thing…

And how does David Blaine do the same thing?

How does David Blaine do the double needle trick with an actual gun (which seems strange to some)?

In this one, David Blaine is doing the gun trick by pressing a gun with his finger tips and pulling it back and forth like a gun! It looks strange, but it is super-cool.

And how does this compare with the double needle trick?

Here’s a video from Dan Bailey on the Dan’s Amazing Tips YouTube channel!

Watch the video here!

And a video from the Blaine video channel.

And this video from the “Amazing” Joe Rogan YouTube channel.

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