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As if any more pre-prepared questions could be too hard to answer, the organisers have also made a special YouTube video to help anyone planning to do any kind of bodyboarding, on top of providing detailed instructions on how to do things. “There are hundreds of videos on YouTube of people who’ve done bodyboard on, but we wanted to make something for the new person who wants to try,” says O’Reilly. “If you’ve read about what is considered traditional bodyboarding, there’s a tonne of information about using a rope for leverage, and there’s a lot of advice but it doesn’t really address what we do. If you want to be a better bodyboarder, you need to get off the deck a bit, you need to learn this stuff.”

• This article was amended on 22 August 2017 to clarify that the event was called Black Mountain Bouldering and was hosted at Black Mountain, not at Black Canyon.

A former U.S. military official has told NBC News in Washington, D.C., the FBI has interviewed him about Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.

Thomas Joscelyn, who served in the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff under President George W. Bush, told the NBC News “Today” show that the FBI questioned him as part of its investigation of possible contacts between the Trump presidential campaign and the Russian government. After Trump’s victory last November, Joscelyn was asked by a reporter if he had any contact with the Russian government about the 2016 campaign.

“I’m not going to confirm or deny anything because of the sensitivity,” Joscelyn said. “But yes, I have spoken to the FBI. I know the FBI are the ones investigating.”

The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll conducted in August found that 39 percent of those surveyed believed Trump’s claim that he had not had contact “with the Russians.”

In an interview with the Washington Post last week, Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats said that Trump’s denial that he’d had contact with the Russians was a “complete and total fabrication.”

This story has been updated with more details from Thomas Joscelyn’s NBC News interview.

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D.C. resident and longtime Democratic operative James Alefantis has hired a new lawyer. James W. Alefantis, Jr., a prominent D.C.-area restaurant owner and Democratic Party official, has retained Washington firm Latham

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