How does levitation magic trick work? – Magic Trick Cards

In Levitation Magic, you must follow these steps:

The spell has to be cast with light touch, or it will fail to work.

Spell can be done in 5 seconds.

No magic item or object takes part in Levitation Magic.

The spell has to be cast at a height that is a little above where the body would be. Otherwise it will fail to work. The spell has to be cast using a mirror. Otherwise it will fail to work.

Once a spell is cast, there is no recovery time. So to do a levitation magic, it is advisable to do the magic one moment of the levitation and the next one before and while casting, to minimize the time taken.

Levitation Magic in Action

How to start levitation magic?

In order to start Levitation Magic, you must cast the spell in 5 seconds. Then follow these steps to perform levitation magic, and enjoy the awesome experience:

Stand on a surface, and lift a finger.

Raise it to about an inch above your head.

Pull yourself up towards the mirror so that you are looking at the ground.

Hold your finger above your head, and raise it down to another inch above your head.

Now turn your hand on a mirror.

You’ll see that your finger is above your head and then slowly move up again, and the mirror will show that again.

Once you perform the magic, your finger should be at a height of two inches above your forehead, and you will be able to walk around freely.

How to finish levitation magic?

You can stop Levitation Magic if you are unable to do levitation magic. Just stand in the mirror and raise a finger. Then return to the ground and you can finish the levitation magic easily.

As you might have noticed, Levitation Magic is one of the great fun and amazing levitation magic tricks. If you want to learn more about it, you will need to read the above description.


With this levitation trick and other levitation magic tricks, you will be able to levitate anywhere, anytime, in different heights, without needing a magic item or a object.

When you perform levitation magic tricks, your body is no longer in the place of the body where you have been a while ago. Hence, you are able to walk around in any position you have been

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