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Is there a ‘magic bullet’? The magic bullet, for some, is the magic words, the magic incantations, the magic spellbooks. The words are the essence of our religion. The incantations are the magic in the form of incantations. But they are the very substance of the religion. Magic, incantations, magic words. These are very complex and very fine words. You should not get caught up in the words. You should think about the underlying meaning and intention of what you mean when you use that word. It’s not the words themselves that are interesting. It’s the language, the context — the entire meaning of these words is what brings you that insight.

A little after a very long and involved talk about the language, she began to tell stories about her work as a missionary. She explained the reasons she chose to go to the Philippines to work alongside the Moros. She mentioned how she met a family there from the north. It was the kind of story about a place where people, with a lot of work and sweat, could make a living.

She went into an office of some church members and told them about her work in the Philippines, and the stories they told her. They told her they wanted her to go and she did, but they said she would have to go there for a whole month because of some language problems. There was very little work there.

It had been several years since her last visit and now she was a missionary. She asked the missionaries to come over and go over her work. She had found that the people in the Philippines, as she heard, were very good communicators. She spoke her language and they understood her. The missionaries said, ‘you’d be surprised how good people are,’ and they said, ‘she’d be a great addition to the ministry.’

She went there in June with them, went and helped them build a school and to teach the people the things she had learned in the Philippines. But there was no money with which to do any of these things.

As the missionary and the Moros were talking about the economic system and how it would work at the school in her hands, her mother told her something. In the Philippines, a man got married for life — but there was little or no support in the world to provide for children. It was the same with women — they were usually given away. There were a lot of problems for children of single mothers.

She mentioned

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