How does MTG close up work? – Easy Magic Tricks With Your Hands

The only reason we can think of for having something like the MTG closing up scenario is if things break down. For example:

• Alliances can break down

• Alliances’ endgame is no longer feasible if people are using Legacy.

• Alliances is too powerful

• Alliances is too broken.

You can see how this scenario could go.

But, the real question is: what will MTG bring in the next year, and how will that increase sales?

I don’t know. It’s a bit complicated.

If MTG is too strong, Legacy won’t stay the way it is.

There are a lot of strong cards in Legacy. I could list a bunch in the last months.

I would be happy if Legacy stayed at this state.
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But, since Legacy is the only real deck that can make big money, at this point, it’s not fair to ask the average player to give up on it.

We cannot make decisions like this by ourselves.

We need some kind of consensus.

What would make it fair to make Legacy viable once again?

The most logical step for Legacy would be to do it properly.

It’s hard to tell how the format will evolve when one set is stable.

At this point, I would rather see a set with powerful interactions than a set with strong interactions.

I think the best way to make Legacy viable is for MTG to do its job well, and then move to the next step.

If MTG and Legacy can play the same game at the same level, that would be great.

I would also like to see a format where it’s not too hard for people to understand the rules.

I want to believe there are enough players in Magic to have some kind of format that can coexist with the game, with cards such as Affinity.

I need to have someone to tell me how strong Affinity really is. Why is it important that Affinity is too strong for MTG, and also why is Affinity broken?

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