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Magic is an incredible game with many complex aspects. What makes it so cool? It is the fact that you play with real Magic cards, which have been carefully detailed, recreated, and made to look as authentic as possible in a real game format. The result of all these hard work is the product you’ve played and experienced in your real life, which you can keep that way forever. The way a player makes decisions based on their opponent and how each player plays, they get a feeling more like real life.

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The FBI can use a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) court order to obtain subscriber information about someone that is communicating with the target of the surveillance. That is, they can use communications from the target’s computer to infer things about the person—for example, where they live, what they are thinking, or if they are even a terrorist.

In the case of the San Bernadino shooters’ connection to al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, the communications from their computer likely came from within the United States, because law enforcement in California would not have gotten an order under FBI oversight. So we cannot rule out that law enforcement agencies in California also obtained communications from ISIS’s computers.

There’s a good chance (as the FBI suggests) that the San Bernardino shooters were communicating with fellow terrorists overseas before the San Bernardino shootings.

The FBI has obtained communications from the terrorist’s phone, and the San Bernadino shooter may well have used the same phone he used to talk with his family members online, or even an ISIS contact.

This is a problem because the government has to go through the FISA Court process to obtain subscriber information for online communications. They’re required to get a judge to sign off on such a request.

If the feds can’t get a judge to approve the request, they can’t use the information to tie suspects to places where they’re likely to communicate, and they won’t be able to figure out whether they’re communicating with someone overseas.

The DOJ is making it a point to point out that this is a problem that the FBI is already working on, but it’s not an exact fix.

“[The Justice Department] is investigating this question in the case,” DOJ spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said. “However, no matter how much the DOJ works, this problem will always be the same – an inability to obtain valid court orders and obtain relevant evidence.”

“I think there are real problems with this,” said Edward Snowden,

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