Is Derren Brown a magician? – Magic Tricks For Kids Kits

What could have caused the magician to disappear, leaving the room?

In light of this possibility, the magician who vanished is Derren Brown and not the Dark Emperor. The explanation that there was a conflict of interest and that this incident is a trick only the Dark Emperor can pull off is absurd and unlikely.

It is more than likely, however, that this is a magician.

The strongest magician in the Dark Continent is Derren Brown, a high-ranked summoner. Since he is the one who caused the incident, there is a chance he may be involved, but his summoning power is the weakest, and he is probably still in elementary school. Therefore, it seems probable that he is unable to summon a magician at all.

However, it’s probably impossible for him to be both a magician and a summoner at the same time.

The magician, a man with a red mask and a long, black hair, is usually seen when a summoner summons. The magician is usually seen at the top right, and with the black mask, and with the red hair is usually seen at the bottom left.

So when Derren walks in the room, he would probably be seen by one side of both sides of the room, the left side by one side’s summoner, the right side by one side’s magician.

Moreover, when he disappears from the stage, he probably didn’t disappear from the side that had the red hair. This means that there is a limit to what he can do in the way of appearing in the shadows. He is probably unable to change the size or shape of the world.

The magician who disappeared should have had a lot of experience with appearing in the shadows. As a magician, he would have had a lot of time being at the top to become a summoner. Without any time to train, he probably was just a magician who happened to appear in the middle of the battle.

Furthermore, while being a magician, he probably didn’t have a lot of time to train under a summoner. In the past, his teacher, the Demon King of Darkness, probably did not expect him to be such a genius and made him do magic under another person.
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This makes it unlikely to be because he is a magician, which the original thought of the students as.

However, this is not proof that he was a magician at all. What we are seeing here is only part of the complete puzzle,

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