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Derren Brown’s father was always telling the funny stories about Derren’s mom – which turned out to be quite true – and if you can’t get a laugh out of any of it, there’s no need to keep going. All we need to do is sit down and watch a film that is so well-put together, so compelling and so true, it makes you feel like you’ve seen the real thing. It’s one of those movies that just makes you want to watch it more!

“It’s a little silly but it’s very dark,” says Brown. “It’s about a family that’s torn apart by drug addiction.”

Derren’s mom has a secret that’s just beginning to come out: drug addiction has affected her marriage! What does she do when she finds out? Brown keeps it all so simple and sweetly written that it becomes an instant classic!

1 Derren Brown

When this guy was 12 years old, he had an accident – and he’s never been the same since! His mom’s dead and he lives with this strange guy who looks like this weird animal creature – but when he discovers his mother’s secret, he feels like he might not be so crazy after all. He decides to make it right by giving his mom back her life back and that’s where we get our story – about her life.

From what I’ve seen of “Blackout” so far, this movie just looks like Derren Brown’s first acting role. The whole show has been shot in his house. This little guy doesn’t even have anyone to call “dad” in this movie – only Derren and his big brother. They get along perfectly, but the whole thing is a little sad and a little tragic – it’s a little kid dealing with a little adult issue.

Brown’s got so much to offer the audience when Derren comes up to him after having been kicked off his high school basketball team. The little kid wants his mom back and this is a pretty sad story, but it’s one Brown has to tell. The movie doesn’t make it easy for us, but Brown has something special here – someone special.

Watch “Blackout” and you’ll quickly realize how much Derren Brown has in common with “Molly’s Game”.


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