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Magic is not a religion in the same way as Christianity or Islam or Buddhism or Hinduism. It is more like a mystical tradition, and in general has had a religious flavor for thousands, perhaps millions of years before the time of its most recent founder. And the same could be said of the various folk magic of the Pacific Northwest, of the East Coast in particular.

This may seem paradoxical given that the earliest known writings of magic were the Bible. But the Bible is a book of magical wisdom that tells us a number of things about how to avoid the coming of the Antichrist. It tells us to avoid the Antichrist for one simple reason: it is Jesus of Nazareth, son of Joseph.

In an article in the November 2012 issue of The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Richard R. Freeman and Michael Jensen of the London School of Economics argue that the “great religious mystery” of the New Testament is the role of Jesus as the Savior. This is a surprising departure for people who think of Jesus as a kind of messiah figure who brought his disciples on a journey of enlightenment or to establish a new religion in this land. (The term of end times to which the Christian followers of Jesus committed themselves often was “the great mystery,” but here it is not just a term for Christianity–it was used in the Old Testament, too.)

What is it about this man—and about all of the ancient prophets in all of the world that they think they can relate to—that gives them the confidence that they can be trusted to know the future? (That’s also why the New Testament is full of miracles that seem too amazing for it to be genuine miracles.)

As is common in most religions, a man’s spiritual power derives not just from his authority as a prophet but from his miraculous nature. Jesus’ ability to heal in the place of others is a source of religious pride among followers; his magical nature gives it added credibility. It also accounts for the high priestly functions in various parts of the world, such as in the ancient East, in Asia Minor, in India, and other places where the temple was the center of the community.

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And this is where a good deal of magic occurs. It is not just rituals where we see a magic. It is also magical ideas that are woven around everyday life.

So in Christianity, we see Jesus and his church teaching and practicing an understanding of the world and of human nature and of spirituality in general

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