Is magic an illusion? – Cool Magic Tricks With Cards For Beginners

You want the truth in the world, to say that what you think is real is the real thing, not a little fantasy.

You said, ‘Don’t try to fool me.’

My dear, the trick is in telling the truth when you tell the wrong stuff to people, and in doing it so well that they don’t wonder or question. For, in doing so you are actually telling them the truth, whereas trying tricks of similar sort, which can lead you back into the wrong direction.

Now, your father didn’t lie to you and say, ‘Don’t try to fool me.’ He was simply trying to convince himself, because he hadn’t been able to tell you the truth. You don’t have to be fool yourself – even though I am your father, and the truth is often stranger than fiction.

That brings this question back to you now, in your own mind. It is time to tell the truth.

Let me give you an example, so you can better understand how the trick is done:

As a child you go with friends to a play-house, which is an amusement park which is operated by some large corporation. You spend the next few days there, and you learn to do things, to perform magic, and even to talk to animals. In fact the corporation’s official mascot is a horse and man who walks and talks like you and me.

But of course you don’t learn how to talk to animals. A good trick would be to go to another amusement park, and pretend as some one from that park who doesn’t really exist comes across you and asks, ‘Did you talk to another man who is a man?

‘Well, I do not know another man who is a man, and I never saw a man when I was a little boy. But, no, I did not talk to him’. Then you repeat this answer, because you now think you really do not know another man, but do remember talking to him. In other words, you are telling a trick. You are pretending that you do not know the truth of something that you do.

The corporation’s official mascot at its next amusement park is a man who is a boy on legs who walks and talks the way children do, and you do not remember talking to him. But then you remember talking to the other man, or to the cow, or to the elephant. You cannot be sure that the other man was a man! You could

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