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Why are Wizards and their friends so afraid of it? And if so, why is it so difficult to get a card printed?

First, a history lesson: Magic was designed as a card game, a game of strategy and bluffing. People thought bluffing and strategy could be combined in a way that would allow an efficient, tactical game—which is how Magic first began. But in the process of design, an important principle was forgotten. Magic’s story is told through the art and flavor of individual cards. The art that makes Magic cards special helps us capture the personalities of the characters, the stories that make up their worlds, and the stories of what makes magic possible for the players.

But when you consider how Magic cards are designed, you can see how the two approaches to design came together.

Story vs. Cards

When Magic was first played for the first time, they had no story. They played as a casual game, and the designers were just making something for fun. When the game went through a process where we told them what cards could do, the cards began to have an effect on the game. We changed the rules to make sure we could use the art and story that we had just worked on. (In retrospect, I think this is a mistake, but it’s one that Magic still makes.)

But as the game became more complex, we started to introduce more story into the game, and Magic became a “story game.” Now we have story that drives the game. The game’s narrative is a reflection of Magic’s story of the Planeswalkers, the magical creations of the Magic community. As a result, stories are a big part of the Magic culture—and that’s where Magic’s appeal lies.

So what is the Magic story? Magic’s story is the story of how magic started, and it’s about how the story was changed when we told the story of the Planeswalkers. Magic’s story is like an old book that is re-written every time we tell it. Because story is driven by art—as art must be—Magic has multiple ways to tell a story in the game. But all the stories we tell are based on art.

First Edition

Our story starts in the year 2000 in Theros, when the plane of Kamigawa is under attack from the Phyrexian Invasion and Magic is created on that plane. But it’s also the story of how Magic came to be. We don’t know that

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