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How does the mind of the viewer, who has no way of knowing the identity of the person being viewed, affect the content of a movie? In my novel, I introduce the idea of “mind reading” (as a tool) as the most fundamental tool I use in my work with a fictional spy agency. Here’s what it all means. Mind reading is the power of mental shortcuts, when a person’s brain is being tricked by other parts of his/her mind. By way of example, take the following sentence: “The mind of one who knows a woman is a woman’s mind. You should be aware of how that is, and think carefully about when, how, why, and whence a memory is formed.”

In the first context, the reader of the word knowledge has already inferred what the noun memory really means, thus no more of that is needed. In the second context the reader has to infer that the noun memory is being used as a tool, hence requires some careful thought. As the reader develops the skill of mind reading, we’ll see more examples on this page in a few weeks.

What information does a mind reader need to know, to know when to use a memory or not?

We just made an example. What type of information does a mind reader need? A brain-based mind reader needs to know if a memory serves to “remember” to have an agent in their hands when the agent needs such a reminder. A mind reader has to know that memory will eventually lead to a “need” for an agent, hence requires knowledge of what agents are.

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How can an agent learn when a memory is being used as a tool?

Think back to the word “need”. If a mind reader sees a person remembering to remember to get a piece of paper, it seems to him to make him want an agent or agent-as-a-need. What does this mean? Consider what would happen in a movie? In the scene, the reader is reading the word remembered. The word remembered happens to be the most important word in the sentence. The mind reader will start to see himself and to hear a voice in his head calling for an agent. And then, as the reader thinks back, he remembers the word remembered. He can now put away the word remembered as a skill and he can use the word remembered as a tool if he so desires.

The next step is a little more complicated. A mind reader might think back to his

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