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It’s easy to think of telekinesis as a real power. Some may argue if it is something mystical, mystical is certainly an important word.

Telekinesis, in fact, involves the use of powerful mental energy that travels freely from one object to another. Many people use it to move objects around and perform feats of strength. In fiction, some telekinesis relies heavily on the medium of paper.

For the most part, telekinesis takes place far away from the hands of humans. It is rare for the object being telekinetically moved to be located in the mind of the moving observer or the mind of a participant in the telekineysque. In fact, the most famous example of someone telekinetically moving a thing is a man telekinetically moving the body part in front of him in order to move the glass of a beverage bottle.

As you might expect, telekinesis is an essential trait of any kind of human. People who show such superhuman abilities are usually extremely skilled in using them. Some of them may also be incredibly intelligent.

I have been fascinated with the idea of telekinesis for quite a while now. I had imagined that the ability to generate a force field had been a basic prerequisite for the supernatural to exist. And so it became an important part of all the stories I grew up reading or watching. I thought that this ability also had to come from some kind of source.

That is a fair assumption though in my opinion. I don’t know whether there’s a connection between telekinesis and the human mind, if there even is. There’s no real evidence that anyone can do this on their own. But it’s a good starting point. We know that people have these kinds of abilities when they are under special circumstances, and people who appear to possess these abilities have been reported in the stories. There seem to be some patterns with people who can perform these feats.

I did some research on the subject and came up with several possibilities from which to choose a topic to work on. The most obvious was that telekinesis is a human ability. A more interesting assumption was that it is a power that is common to human beings, that there is no connection between telekinesis and the human mind. This means that it could well be an actual human ability that we cannot see and which is completely beyond our human understanding. Of course all of these assumptions are still open to

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