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A physical illusion is a physical object which doesn’t physically exist. This is a common question to have when trying to explain the difference between objects that are not real and objects that are real, like “I can drive a car but the car isn’t real.” That doesn’t actually happen, but the question is very common and it can be found in very numerous articles in different areas, especially in the sciences.

A physical illusion is typically not a real object but a mental object. This usually seems simpler and easier to explain, and it is usually more consistent with the physical reality of things. We will see shortly that this is not always the case. A typical example is a mental illusion is a mental image or illusion of an object you think is real. These types of illusions are not real, but they are usually used in the sciences in order to help explain things.

Examples include the following:

You get a mental picture of a large car that you feel as though you actually saw, if you look at something from above and look at the car.

One type of a physical illusion is that you see something you really didn’t see and then realize that it is really not there – because it was really not there. If you are standing close to a wall and look at it from below and look at the wall from above, then you see a different size of wall. That might not be in your memory, but it is actually there. You do not actually know how large it is, but this type of illusion happens all the time in the sciences. If you actually see something you don’t, then you will realize that it is real.

Examples are the following:

You see something that isn’t in your memory and thinks it is real, but it is really just a mental image.

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Some types of physical illusions include:

You see something you shouldn’t see, but it is really there. For example, you may see something you don’t see that is in an office, or it may show up in a photograph when you look at the same shot from high up. This type of illusion is known as “illusion blindness” and often affects the people who are blind.

A mental illusion is any mental image that is created when you are trying to see something that isn’t there, such as a mental image of a mountain. For example, the mountain might appear in a photograph from behind and you think it is really there, but in fact it isn’t

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