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There are several main differences between levitation and flight:

1. The body will never be in contact with the ground – there is no air pressure, and the body is not attached to a ground support;

2. The body is not propelled by air molecules; and
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3. The body is not in contact with the earth – the earth is not in contact with the body.

Although levitation can be used to help people land safely from high heights, it is not very practical due to lack of control when the body is moving.

2. Landing (or ‘falling’) is much more complex

In the beginning of a landing, the body’s position and orientation can be determined using visual cues – this information is usually known in advance when the body is attached to the support. Although there are several ways to land from this height using a parachute, all of them need to be executed and timed appropriately.

The body will probably always be hanging. The body is always floating – this means that it’s very difficult to predict what the body will be going to do and if a certain element of the landing will fall down and land on the other side of the body. If the force of the fall is very strong, the body will likely fall backwards (although the weight of the body itself needs to be balanced – i.e. it makes much better sense to fall forward), and this may not be a good idea. If the person is very light, it may be possible to ‘crawl’ backwards from the top of the jump and land the body on the landing surface (i.e. roll backwards) just prior to impact: it may seem reasonable to land without using gravity and therefore the body will just fall forward (see section 5.3). It can take a while before any weight is brought down and the person can move on.

Most people landing from heights of 100 to 110 meters will have some degree of balance, and most of those who don’t will fall over.

The landing surface is usually less than 50 centimeters wide; it is not flat because of the weight of the body – this is why the body will probably land and roll backwards (see section 5.3). The weight of the body is always bringing an element with it. To prevent this, the upper body is very strong and the lower body is very stiff (see section 5.4).

One way to ensure that the body stays stable during the landing is to make

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