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A link matrix is a representation of an “interaction matrix” (or “hierarchical structure”) for linkages for two or more nodes. Linkages are the physical connections between the nodes. The link matrix can be implemented using graph theory and computer programs.

It contains a set of links for a node X and a set of links that links a node Y to itself via one or more links X-1. Linkages are usually set up that are simple to recognize and therefore easy for humans to read.

For example, imagine that Alice has two or more links in her link matrix that connect Bob and himself:

For each of the link pairs Alice has in her link matrix, there exists a set of links that links her pair to her own pair.

Why is it important?

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Human cognition and decision-making is largely a matter of knowledge. If a person’s link matrix does not have enough links between its nodes, it may become difficult for the person or entity to know what to do. That in turn can lead to mental and behavioral problems, including the potential for criminal activity.

So for more than a century, researchers and clinicians have been studying how to use the link matrices to aid in human cognition—from a mental health perspective, from a decision-making context.

“What most psychologists know about the link matrix is that it can help us understand what the cognitive process of information processing is like,” says Dr. William B. Brown, a social psychologist and one of the authors of the 2009 paper. “The link matrix and its connections represent the internal structure of the system. So whether the link matrix has a human-level problem or you are trying to understand how to develop a new computer or machine, in addition to the link connections, you also need the cognitive processes of what is going on.”

How is this applied?

For example, human cognitive scientists can use computerized computerized modeling of cognitive processes and models that simulate how a person might function to design new cognitive products.

“A person might not know how to recognize a link if they’re using the Link Matrix,” says Dr. Brown. “When you use this link matrix, people can recognize it and can use techniques in cognitive marketing or marketing to know which products are likely to be more likely to be linked.”

For example, one form of Cognitive Marketing involves making comparisons and comparisons about which product is likely to be linked with which other products. Or marketing

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