What is a link matrix? – Magic Trick Cards

A Link Matrix is a way to represent the relations between any two items in your document; you can imagine a graph with three layers in it.

Here are a few links:

First layer

Second layer

Third layer

If you have a link matrix with two or more links, you are probably going to want to have one more layer between them. In that case, the layers are called parent and child.


The parent layer describes everything that comes between the first two items in the document – you will usually think of it as the parent-child relationship.


The child layer describes one item between two other items – it is probably the sibling-child relationship.


The relationship between a document with two children is called the parental-child relationship; that relationship, as discussed before, is defined in terms of links.

In terms of a link matrix, the parent layer, is the first set of links. As you see, the two children have a link matrix between them, and so does the parent, although the parent layer doesn’t have the links.

In addition, you may have more links between the parent layer and the children, so they would have a parent-parent relationship.

If you do this, you have a parent-child, and an element is a child of two elements; and an element is not a child of two elements.


The parent-only relationship indicates that the element is not a child of any element (that is, its parent has no links).

In that case, there are no links between the parent-layer and the children. Since the children are not a child of the parent, they don’t have a relationship with the parent layer. That’s because there is the same parent-child relationship as a parent-only.


The parent-child relationship, used in a document with several items, is very useful because you may find that sometimes the content has a relationship with one item and then another, meaning two siblings have a relationship with the parent layer and that relationship is called one-to-one.

Here’s how that would look on a link matrix in terms of a two-item document:

First 2 items

Second 2 items

Third 2 items

As you see, each layer has two links and the third layer has one more in between. That’s the

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