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In case a file doesn’t have a link, all you’ll see is 0x0-0x7FFFFFFFF. The link matrix is an interesting number, it’s the value of every “link” to our file. Let’s see where it is stored?

$ find -name “*.doc” -size 20 -exec ls -lh \ | sort | xargs find -name “*.pdf” -size 20 -exec find -name “*.jpg” -size 20 -exec ls -lh \ | sort | xargs find -name “*.png” -size 20 -exec find -name “.jpg” -size 20 -exec ls -lh \ | sort | xargs find -name “*.png” -size 20 -exec find -name “*.rar” -size 100 | xargs rar2pdf -p
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For now, we can’t figure out anything, but as soon as we add an “.docx” or “.pdf” to our command line, we’ll find out which link, the files will be renamed.

$ rars2pdf -p “*.docx” -p “*.pdf” “docx.”

And now that we can see the entire table of links, let’s see what can be done to a specific file. Our file is .docx and the size is around 600 bytes. Let’s rename it to .doc:

$ find -name “*.doc” -size 20 | xargs rename “*.docx” \ | rename -s -2 “docx.”

Now, we know we should rename all of our files, as it’s one of the rules, when we run find -name “*.doc” , it should return this table of links

$ find -name “*.exe” -size 20 | xargs rename “*.exe” \ | rename -s -2 “exe.”

The only thing left is to get the file on disk, so let’s check our .rars file

$ rars2pdf -p “*.rar” -p *.doc” “rar.”

and we’ll need the file on disk again

$ find -name “*.rar” -size 20 | xargs rename “*.rar” \ | rename -s -2 “rar.”

Let’s give it a try

$ rars2pdf -p “*.doc” -p “*.pdf” ”

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