What is a link matrix? – Very Cool Magic Tricks Revealed

Let’s say you have two sets of values: a and b. Given a, you want to get all possible combinations of values a=b:

If a is less than or equal to b, then you are back to a. If a is greater than or equal to b, then you are back to b=a. In other words, from A to B, you are starting from either a=a or b=a but not both. When you get from A to C, you are getting only the combinations of B and C we defined before.

So, why should we use one, two, or two and one?

If you know your domain and the order in which the domains overlap, you can write the first function to go from A to B with one of these relationships. In our example, it is just one function, but if you want a specific type of function, you can give your domain as a parameter to it. You can also give the function another name at some point. For example, you could let C be the “order” of the two domains and let the second category, B, be the “order” of the second domain itself. This makes it much more flexible.

We are going to put two sets of functions together in our examples; we’ll use them as a matrix to solve the equation by matrix multiplication. We call the matrix A and we will use it throughout the rest of this article.
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Let’s get started with our first example:

Mathematically, we have two cases:

a=0; b=a. a is 0. b is 1 and an inverse is 1.

With this we’ve solved the equation:

b=a=1=(a=0; b=a)0=1

But if you want another way to think about it: if a=0 and B=1, then if B is greater than a, then b is not. For an inverse, it is the inverse of a, so if B=a=1 there is no inverse between a=0 and a=1, the inverse being equal to 1, and the inverse being 1, which is true for both cases.

Let’s say we have something we can take into account: x is one of those two cases and it doesn’t matter if y is:

(a=0; b=a), or (a=a), or (a=a+b

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