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To get that sense of it, consider the simple sentence: I love you. If you asked the person who said that to read your mind or listen to your innermost thoughts, who would you think would be more accurate: the first person who said it or the person whose mind they actually had? If they say their mind, the truth will be known to them, since it is the “real you”. This is also the reason why people are often “in” their minds and “out” of theirs but we should treat it as the opposite: when we take a stance, our minds are more “in” or “out”, while our own are “in” or “out”. If you were to ask someone why they are sitting in this seat, you’d need a better idea of where they are from. But if they say it to you while you’re sitting there, the answer will probably be different than what they think or experience to be true.

So, how do we get to knowing the true self?

The answer lies in the subtle way in which different thoughts and actions can make us more aware of our true desires and needs, but also, they could lead us to think of different thoughts that result in us becoming “in” our minds or “out” of theirs. These thoughts could also allow us to choose to do things, to follow different thoughts to realize our true needs and wants and to choose to become aware of them:

We can get to an awareness of our true, hidden desires by learning how the brain processes ideas. I’m a person who doesn’t like the way the world looks but loves the way it feels. I don’t like having things done to me in the physical world but I want them to get done on a computer.

When you know that you really do want something done, you can choose which thought is more powerful than others, but this doesn’t mean that you want to make them happen. You just know they’re more powerful, so you might use them to realize your true needs and wants and make them happen.

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When you have an issue or a need or a desire to have a specific task done, you learn to choose between thoughts that lead to us deciding whether to do that or not. Thoughts that make us feel like we should do something are actually leading to a choice to not do it, because they stop us from deciding to.

There’s a way to make your mental process more intentional with your thoughts, with more

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