What is mini tackle in magic? – Cool Easy Magic Tricks

“The idea of mini tackle is that it isn’t the length of the tackle that determines the size of the object,” explains Dan Shinn, senior product manager at the London-based Magic-Blocker Co. in London. “Instead, we’re creating a block that takes up a similar amount of space.”

The company’s tiny tackles are similar in size to typical ones used to create blocks in the Lego world but they also offer more customization. The tiny mini tackles are the size of an envelope or envelope stamp that would fit inside a 5 by 7.5-inch plastic box used for holding jewelry or other small items such as jewelry boxes, jewelry vases and even small plates.

“Our goal was to create a more compact alternative to regular 3D-printed products in the toy store,” says Shinn.

One of Magic’s best known mini tackles is a two-inch diameter one that plugs into any standard outlet. A second one plugs into any standard outlet and the third allows them to be stored in a shoebox for storage. In a sense, mini tacks are like the magic block of toys.

One of the company’s mini tackles. (Magic-Blocker Co.)

What do mini tackles have to do with magic?

“Magic comes from magic blocks,” explains Shinn. “Magic blocks are magical things because they allow us to make a very small object that is actually large enough for it to be able to contain. We’re looking at a different method to block our customers and allow them to create their own magical creations for them to play with.”

How big are the mini tackles?

The smallest magic-block toy is just under 6 inches and the smallest magic tackle measures 5 inches.

The Magic-Blocker Co. offers two sizes of mini tackles: Tiny and Mini. (Magic-Blocker Co.)

How much do they cost?

Magic-Blocker has just launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for its mini tackle.

Tiny size: $3,500

Mini size: $5,000

Are they recyclable?

According to Shinn, magic blocks will become fully recyclable once they have been used twice. The mini tackles are made from plastic that can be recycled or reused.

What goes inside the mini tackles?

Magic-Blocker has designed the mini tackle to hold any kind of item; from jewelers’

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