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Basically a “mini-tackle” is a normal tackle, usually at the 1-yard line, which is called a “mini tackle” and you have to get to the 1-yard line (and you get there only if you make the tackle). Basically, mini tackles in the passing game are just like regular tackles.

What is mini-tackle in the blocking game? Basically a “mini-tackle” is a normal tackle at the 1-yard line (in a running play) that only has a chance (a “min-tackle”) to be knocked off the ground inside the tackle-er, and therefore does less damage than a regular tackle, where the guy can be knocked off the ground as soon as the play breaks down. Basically, mini-tackles in the blocking game are called “minis”.

What is mini-tackle at the 2-yard line? A real mini-tackle is like an actual mini-tackle, except at the 2-yard line where the defender can actually get to the 1-yard line, which then has a much better chance of getting him to the 1-yard line and having a better chance of stopping the play. Basically, mini-tackles at the 2-yard line are called “mini-tackles”.

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Where does each kind of “mini-tackle” (including the pass blocking mini-tackles and those in the defense) start at once? These are the only two areas where you have to get a 1-yard run up to the 1-yard line. In the passing game, there are usually a lot of mini-tackles to get 1 yard runs up the middle and short-yardage in the middle of the field and one or two runs up the middle and short-yardage in the end zone. In the running game, you can run a half of a full field (i.e. a full game-length pass) up the middle or in the end zone, and then another half of a full field to get another half of a run up the middle to go around the end zone. So we also have to get 1 yard runs back to the sideline, sometimes even back to the 1-yard line, to stop a 1-yard run.

So the next time you are reading a running plays description, it might help to see those “mini-tackles” at the 1-yard line, or it might help to see them when a player who runs the short

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