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Telekinesis is a psionic power that can affect objects and other physical parts of the Body. The basic power of telekinesis is to manipulate objects or people from a distance or to create or affect objects or people by projecting one’s mental image into them.

How do I use telekinesis?

You must have a solid, firm grasp of telekinesis before you use it. Many other people can use the power, but you must focus and be ready to control it. The only time you can use telekinesis normally is to pull objects or people from a distance or to control someone. The amount of force you can project with a telekinesis attack depends on the power – use the Table on page 46 and the Power Level table to determine the amount of force you can project and the number of hands you can use to manipulate objects. If you already have some telekinesis on your person, a telekinesis attack that is too strong, or the wrong telekinesis power is used, you lose your telekinesis power for the rest of the fight.

How do I use telekinesis against someone I know?

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You can use the same telekinesis to attack a person you’re not familiar with as against another person (see table on page 46) but you must have a solid grasp on the person using the telekinesis to attack. If the person you’re targeting is not familiar with you and the attack is not a mind-affecting ability, you still have to make a Charisma check against a DC equal to 10 + the attack’s damage. On a success, the target cannot be affected and falls unconscious (save ends) as part of the attack (see Table on page 46). However, the spell or effect is still on the target if you attack it in this way (this damage is still part of the attack). Telekinesis attacks are not mind-affecting unless you make a successful Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check against a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Intelligence modifier (the attacker knows the ability of Telekinesis). Telekinesis is the only mind-affecting ability you must have to use telekinesis against a person.

Do you have to be within reach to use telekinesis?

You do not have to be within reach to use telekinesis against

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