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Do you think it’s possible to pull off a magic trick without reading the rules beforehand? That’s the question we asked myself when I began designing my new playtest group for the upcoming D&D 5th Edition campaign.

If you have never played D&D, you might find it odd that a magical trick could be so easy, but if you know any of the principles behind magic, it’ll come as a shock.

The Magic Rules

Magic is something both a man and a dragon can use at will. One should note that the rules, not the magic, determine the effects the magic can create. Magic can only affect the mind, so if you want something to happen to you, you must choose to have your thoughts manipulated.

Rules are easy to get mixed up. But one must always remember that the intent of the rules is to create situations to be fun, not just to keep things simple. For example, it’s a good idea to have a party of six players. It’s important to have enough people you’re comfortable with in each group that are willing to stick around with you for a long while, especially if you’re just going to do playtest sessions with a few people a month.

It’s also important to stick to the rules at this point. Doing something that doesn’t fulfill a rule will ruin the whole thing for everyone as it becomes too easy and confusing. So, don’t be afraid to ask “what are the rules?” and then have everyone try to find out for themselves.

Magic and Adventure

When it comes to D&D adventure, it’s important to remember the rule of thumb of adventure: whatever’s fun for one group (or a team of gamers) can easily get taken out of context for the other group. For example, if you’re playing a dungeon crawl with your friends, and your team of adventurers have already encountered the monster that you’re up against, then by the time another group is involved, the monster might be different. It might be undead, or it might have a new spell. Sometimes you might want to use an item the adventurers might have left behind.
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You might want to decide from the start exactly what the objectives are and just stick to them. This ensures that everyone will feel like they have fun.

A Good Idea

Now that we’ve had the hard work out of the way, what else can be done with a group? Well, I’ve heard stories about groups making

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