What is the oldest magic organization? – Easy Close Up Magic Tricks With Cards

That is the Magic Association, established by the Great Council. It is composed of those people who have a strong belief in the power of magic. It is established by the Great Council, which is a group that has the power in the sky that is able to wield the powers of magic. The Magic Association will continue to exist in an unbroken line, with only the two Grand Dukes not having ascended to the position of grand duke.

The Magic Association started with a few people. There were several who were still alive and who were very close to the position of Grand Duke. The grand duke of the Magic Association is called Seiji, who is currently at the sixth rank. He is still alive but he has long since been dead.
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He was the former member of the Magic Association who lived a long life with great accomplishments. If all of his achievements were to be compared on a standard scale, it is just impossible that he would not be a grand duke that can control the heavens and the earth. He is not someone that would be given that honor by the Magic Association.

The rest of the members of the Magic Association are very close to the position of grand duke. For example, those who are currently at sixth rank, they are all in their 80s. They had all had the same achievements as Seiji, so he did not receive the same honor. However, since they are all living a great life, they are all still alive so they naturally do not feel their life to be in danger.

There is one person that is living and thriving in the Magic Association, who is called Nanao. A short lived old man, he is called Nanao because he did not have the strength to fight against any large enemies. That is the reason why he cannot be said to be grand duke. He currently lives in the seventh division so he was able to live through his 70s with great accomplishments.

However, those with the seventh rank and above are living with death in their hands. In order to be able to survive beyond their 70s, their life was not just to survive, it was to give the greatest sacrifices to those who stood in their way. In order to have a long life and a strong body, they must have many many hardships.

Of course, it is not possible to go on living for 70 years with all sorts of hardships in order to have a long life. However because the Magic Association had not been divided up into

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