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Hakkenden is the oldest Magic organization in all of Europe. Hakkenden began as the Church of Nolaf, led by the evil wizard Sissel in the year 1.6 of the Fourth Age. Nolaf’s magic was very limited, mostly being the creation of the Worldstone. He was succeeded by his daughter, Nolanda, in the year 2.2, when Nolaf was killed by his wife, Queen Sissel.

Nolanda is known as an exceptionally beautiful woman. Her only rival is her twin brother, Brielle, but she is more like an equal. Both twins have identical, black hair and brown eyes, and live in the same mansion on the northern side of the continent. A few decades ago, the two brothers became rivals with both of them trying to be the best magician and become the greatest wizard of the world. To their rivals, the best chance of success and popularity was to marry each other immediately.

Nolanda married Brielle only after he was successful at his own dream. They have had a daughter, Hakkenden, who lives with her father. In the Third Age, they became the rulers of the continent and their daughter is the princess of Luthadel.

What would the world be like without Hakkenden?

No one knows for sure. In the First Age, the entire continent was controlled by Nolanda and the evil sorcerer Sheldan. He had an army and armies of soldiers to subjugate the continent. In the Second Age, Sissel had been defeated by Sheldan, but it took centuries of struggle and betrayal for the people and kingdoms to survive.

In the Third Age, the people of the north managed to conquer the remaining Nolans, who were in exile. The last Nolani still living have been able to rebuild their empire and the people of Istan and Luthadel have become independent nations. After centuries of darkness, the old order ended and a new civilization took over.


How old is Nolada?
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Nolada is the youngest member of Hakkenden. She is just six years old. Hakkenden believes that if he were born a thousand years ago, he would have been considered a magical child. Nolada has great magical abilities to become a great wizard.


How old is Hakk

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