What is the oldest magic organization? – Magic Tricks For Beginners Easy

“It was the one in the beginning,” Balthazar tells us. “And it really does work a lot. We only have two of them, the Cursa, which were very old and they could perform almost anything: that was one that could see into the future and another that could see into the past, it was the first. We only have a few of them, but we use a lot of them.”

Did you use magic in the beginning?

“We did, we used to, we used to, but you know the other side of magic is what we can’t do, you know? We can’t put magic in the air, you know. Those things can’t work.”

You’ve used magic before, right?

“We’ve never used it. We had a group of people at the beginning, it was the first ones, and then it just stopped, it was too dangerous. And then we used it for a while, but then we stopped, we can’t do it anymore. And then we had a lot of other things, like the Dark Lord.”

So where did you go off of?

“After the defeat of the last one, the Dark Lord came into power, there was another group of people that used magic,” Balthazar tells us. “After the defeat of the Dark Lord, some of our magic came together again and they are doing different things, but one main thing was that they are starting to work with magic again.”

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“We are trying to rebuild it as we are now, that does matter if we can use it, then they can have it as well. It’s really important.”

“How does magic work?”

“It works like this: if someone tries to do something powerful, then magic will work on him. It will give him the strength to do his thing.”

“But the Dark Lord didn’t have the right to use his power unless he had the power in the first place?”

“Yeah. This is why you don’t need to fight him in a battle.”

So basically what happens is that we have to give the Dark Lord the power first and then we can use some form of magic on him. That’s actually a very difficult concept to take, Balthazar says, because many of us would never imagine that the Dark Lord has any means to be strong after we defeated him and we are giving him power which is supposed to work

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