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I mean, is it not possible? It’d look like a man dressed as a cat, and would I be able to see the thoughts of all of these people, not just three or four, but all of them reading and hearing each other? Who knows.”
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We will never know the answer of whether they knew exactly that he was reading their minds. For now, it seems that we are in some form of post-apocalyptic time period (we’ll get to that).

“You’re right, I could keep reading it,” Diggle said. “If I get a new idea, you could read it. You can try to work it out and I could do some research and figure it out. I mean, you’re reading my mind.”

He then added: “So you can say that I have a lot of potential. You can say it, and that’s okay. But you’re not saying “He’s read my mind and we all agree on this so…”

“If you really have that potential, I’m interested in learning about it, of course,” Hawley said. “You’re asking all the right questions. You’re putting it out there for everybody to be honest about what their thoughts are.”

So, we’ve learned that the show is going to deal with post-apocalypse at some point. But what is that?

“I have a lot of ideas,” Hawley explained. “I would love to do stories about an alternate, apocalyptic world with something like the Walking Dead. I know how people want to use the apocalypse, and I’d love to play with it. But it’s not just about that. I think it can be about anything. That’s the fun of making this show. I think we’re going to have so much to say about what’s happening in that world. That’s the good part. I’m looking forward to it.”

The show also confirmed that it won’t be a typical, “the End of the world comes” episode — it will have some real drama going on here. However, some fans can’t help wondering: What’s going to happen to the Flash?

“Oh, I think they need to move on,” Diggle said of the Flash. “They have to move on. As a matter of fact, he seems like he’s made that big decision. I mean, I have a feeling they will give him all the time he needs to figure out what he’s going to do

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