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Marvel Studios is known for using other comics and games to teach kids about the science behind superheroes, but we’ve never read about any young Marvel characters going into the mind of a Superhero.

In fact, when the comic book adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy first came out in 2012, we wondered why the movie was using video games to teach kids how to be heroes. Well, we never knew that comic book and video game writers were working together to try to do the same thing.

In 2013, a panel called “Play to Learn,” with writers Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Waid, gave an idea of what was happening. The panel was part of Marvel’s “Games for Graphic Novels” initiative — a group of comic book writers, artists and other creative creatives who want to work with Marvel Studios on writing comic books and movies. So far, it’s worked well — and the movie of Guardians of the Galaxy was one of the first superhero films to use the technique.

When people play video games, their brainwaves can be manipulated so that they perform actions better than their competition on a computer in front of them. This effect is called “gamification or user-generated content.”

Video game and comic fans have often wondered if comics could be used with video games to teach kids about being superheroes. In the panel, the guys discussed how they’d created a system called “Play to Learn.” The system involved an agent for Marvel’s Marvel Heroes that helped teenagers play video games to improve their intelligence and decision-making skills as adults. The agents could read minds, or at least take notes, and a video game’s game-like AI could use the notes to improve the game-player’s intelligence by playing better. They even designed the agent to play games like Minecraft, Pokemon, and Star Wars: The Old Republic for the teens in the room.

Here, you can see all the agents in action:

The agents in the panel worked well enough to actually play video games for the students in the room. One agent played a game called “Chaos Theory”, which was a game where players controlled waves of enemies to clear lanes of enemies, destroy walls and break objects. It looked like a little game that you’d find on a gaming console at school. Another agent played “Risky Business” which had an agent doing a lot more than just playing the game itself. The agents didn’t just play games; they played the way other people played games. Some of

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