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What is the difference between a man and woman? It was not magic. It was a feeling or an attitude. The world was a complicated place, and the world was alive with the life of magic and all that kind of thing. You were a child who felt a magic from the very beginning.

“It is really not the same magic that you are familiar with.

That is. Magic is not the same thing as what you see in the movies. Just think about the scene in my house.”

There is no magic in the world.

There is no object, a house, or an object called magic that works against you. You are magic itself. Magic has no real form, no meaning. And that is why it is called “magic”… That is why it is called “muggle.” The two words are not the same thing.

“That is why I had you take this on board.

I want you to remember the magic you had for your entire life. To remember the story which you have always heard.

What is the difference between a man and woman?

What is the difference between a man and a woman?

You have told that story to yourself many times.

You have been told many times and heard it again and again.

But… It was only when that fateful day came.

When the name of a child like me was born that it became a matter of life and death for you.

In that instant, it was like the magic was released to you. The reason that it came from your own body was not the words I told you. The reason that you heard it from a child who was born with a face of an innocent boy, was that it was written in the sky. And that’s the reason.

“It was like magic. But it was different.”

Magic, an object, can be seen and heard as if written in the sky. That is not why magic works. It is only that you can use it like this.

“You are the one who was born with a face that could be found on some magical books. You have the power to tell a story by reading about magic.

It really is different. In that moment, my magic started to work against you.”

This will not go well.

When the words of the world changed,

you were changed into a child.

“I was forced to

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