Where did the idea of magic come from? – Easy Magic Tricks You Can Do With Coins

And will we ever see it again?

The origins of magical practices dates back to the earliest recorded history. In ancient mythological myth, the god Loki, often associated with mischief, would bring about great destruction to all who did not follow his whims in the time of a summer’s festival. In these old texts, the word for mischief, makoror (the word translates to mischief and mischievous, so makoror came to mean ‘misdealing’) and the word for destroying, erik, are mentioned.

While these old myths were in circulation for many thousands of years, they do not contain much information concerning magic. Therefore what we know about magic comes from the work of scholars studying the ancient languages and the ancient cultures they originated in.

To the ancient Greeks, the word for magic might have been epi, which literally means ‘good luck’. The most celebrated magician of ancient Greece was Hephaestus. This mythical hero was a mortal man who went to Earth to study the sciences under the guidance of Zeus. His main job as a magician, however, was to bring back magic to their culture once again.


Hephaestus studied nature and astronomy, as well as the nature and psychology of the gods. This work was part of his research into the evolution of magic. In the time of the myths, these were thought to be of utmost importance in order to understand how the universe and the universe itself was made. As a result, Hephaestus’ writings are full of a wealth of knowledge regarding the creation of the human mind.

While the earliest examples of magic are from the time of the Greek Greeks, other ancient cultures practiced some form of magic as well. The ancient Greeks and Romans alike used these ancient magic practices as a means to enhance their skills in both their daily lives and their dealings with ancient ancestors.

One of the practices of magic that was very influential in ancient Greece was that where a magic user would take a piece of wood and dip it into a particular potion. With the addition of the wood, this piece of wood became magically activated and could then produce a number of effects from its own internal energy.

There were various other magic practices where a person would take pieces of animal hair and add them to a specific potion. A potion was usually called a “carrion”, which could be any animal or plant in order to add its power to this particular potion.


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