Who plays Link’s wife in The Matrix Reloaded? – Youtube Videos Of Magic Tricks

Ethan Hawke, 23.

What’s up with the first name “Roland”? I understand the first “R” in a name comes from John R. R. Tolkien, inventor of Middle Earth. Is it coincidence?

Roland, 24.

Who is the first in line outside the D.C. Zoo on Wednesday?

A 21-year-old from South Park, South Dakota.

How many girls play gymnastics?

I dunno, probably 50,000.

How important is it to have a “pitch” in the NFL?

About three steps to the left.

How important is it to be “a good husband and father”?


How important are the Beatles songs in American English?

Like, really important to know.

Where do I send my kids’ Halloween candy anyway?

Just mail it to me.

What are the names of the stars of Star Trek?

I am not familiar with Star Trek. What’s up with that?
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I just don’t watch it, either.

What does the name “Walt Disney” mean in Hebrew?

It refers to a person who is a hero to the Jews… a hero whose power comes from his work.

What time is the next Oscars?

I don’t know. It’s not until Tuesday.

Who can tell you the name of the first celebrity on a TV show?

I don’t have to tell you what the first celebrity’s name was.

Forgive me if I’m being facetious. But, um, what is “Ricky Ricky”?

Ricky, 14.

Why is “pizza” spelled “pizza”? Is it a word, or just slang?

Pizza, pronounced “pahs,” pronounced “pahs,” spelled pizza.

What’s the proper name of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton’s dog, Buster?

Buster is pronounced “buss-uh-ron.”

What’s the right way to say (a) you love, b) it’s okay to have, (b) are you crazy?

You can say it’s okay to have. You can say it’s okay to have are you crazy. If it’s “don’t even think about it,” you can say it’s not crazy. I don’t know.

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