Can you teach yourself to draw? – Black And White Pencil Drawings

I don’t really know how I did it… I got the idea from playing around trying to understand how the animation would move in real time… I thought of doing the same thing but for a computer, so they could be used to make real time animations. But you know, at the very least I’m doing it for my own fun. I could probably learn how to draw more, though, if I’d wanted to.

Why did you decide to put your video up?

I just wanted to make some money! I had some weird job offer which I wasn’t going to take. I thought doing a video was the only way I’d be able to make some income.

This is an old video, though… are there any plans to make some new episodes of “Tales From Mars”?

SPEED DRAWING: Realistic Eye with coloured pencils - YouTube
At this point, no, just the first episode. But I’m planning on doing a sequel to the first episode when I get around to fixing it and doing the new episodes of “Tales From Mars.”

You can download a download of the episode here. We’ll update this post with any updates to the episode and your review as well.

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