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The thing is in college when I was drawing I would get distracted and start adding too much detail. You can learn to block it out and put the pieces together quickly.

How can I be more efficient with a computer? Use Google Analytics to track the pages for your blog posts. You can also create some interesting charts based on search-engine placement. You can set up a Google Alert to go along with this.

Do you have anything else to share? This has been the hardest part about launching a website. You need good data and you need to have strong branding on the side to attract the attention of consumers. You could launch an eCommerce store on your own but you will need to hire professional designers, make a website for it, and you will need to make some SEO savvy. There is not a lot of information published about the internet business, especially eCommerce, that might help you, so I think it is best to go through the same process and learn as much as possible from this article.

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We have been waiting with bated breath for a final word from Sony regarding whether the company intends to launch a new digital media set player to replace the aging PlayStation TV.

After many months of relative silence from Sony, we now know that Sony execs have received two emails back from Ryozo Tsujimoto, Executive Vice President for Worldwide Studios & Games and chief architect of future PlayStation hardware, inviting them to a panel discussion in December in San Mateo, California.

The first email is from Tsujimoto asking if the attendees were interested in attending. The second email is from Sony boss Andrew House indicating that the company will be bringing a new PS4 Pro system to the show floor that will feature “the next generation technology” that “will deliver faster gaming experiences and the ability to play at 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.” (60fps is a new PlayStation-level 60fps standard that is already in use on the PS4.)

We’ve also been told that the PS4 Pro will support the HDR10 format (HDR10 is a new 4K ultra-high dynamic range mode that works over a single HDMI cable without the need for an additional converter), which

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