How do I create my own drawing style? – Cool Colored Pencil Drawings Soda Can Clip

One of the best ways to create your own style is to create a “drawing style”. A drawing style is a way of saying “I’m a drawing artist”. You can use the tools available in the Sketch app, like tracing or drawing, and you can also create “styles” for use in your own designs. The Sketch style is an umbrella term that includes all types of designs. Here’s a list of most common styles you might want to try:


Portrait is a portrait of yourself and is also a good way to demonstrate your style. Select a photo or something else (like a drawing) with a simple photo editing tool. Select and create one of the “style” options:

Sketch Style
Bald Eagle Pencil Detail 2 by HouseofChabrier on ...

Here (below) is a nice illustration of a sketch style. The “portrait” button selects “Portrait” from the tool palette and “Style” from the Toolbox. There are three styles you can select from:


You can have a simple or full face portrait, with or without hair, and any other type of facial expression or expression.


You can use any head pose or expression. It doesn’t affect the basic shape but it tells you what you’re going to draw of it. You’ll also have the choice to have a head “over” other body features, like if you wanted to “over” a shirt, or a bra, or a dress. You can also choose a specific head as a “base”. Click on “Head” to select it with the mouse.

Face/Head & Eyes

You can paint any face expression you create, or add an expression (either with a photo effect, or directly in your design) into a face. (There are no face shapes in Sketch, but they do exist so you can use them as shapes in other designs.) Faces/heads are a great base for a specific face shape or expression.


You can select body parts—like arms, legs, etc. It’s a good way to include a bit of text into a design as your characters are in motion.

To create a style you’ll need to import a design from Photoshop and select the “View > Sketch” button. From the “View” menu, choose “Style” and choose “Custom” from the “Selections” menu. Click on the “Styles” button and make sure that the “Body Type” checkbox

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