How do I create my own drawing style? – Drawing Techniques For Kids

Well it depends on what you think about style and what you prefer your character to have on the screen! Below are some simple guidelines for you to consider:

Try to avoid using any colors that you would not want your opponents to see, or that would show your character under a negative light.

Be careful with the type of shading you use. Avoid anything that is difficult to read or hard to read.

Remember that there are so many tools out there to help you. If you find it hard to figure out what to put on your character for better looks, simply start to use the tools that will help you on the fly!

What is the difference between shading, highlights, and highlights + shadows?

Amazing Pencil Drawing by THEOPENCIL | Dont be Good, Be Great.
With highlights, highlights is what’s used by the character to highlight itself. For that to happen, the character must have the exact same color for all of the highlight points. Examples would be the shadow of the sword you hold. The main colored highlight is made by drawing a white line and using highlights to highlight the edge. This is also the most time consuming part. As you add in other details, you’ll get to see the detail on the light that is being applied.

With highlights you do not have to take a white line. Rather, it is easier to think in terms of shapes that are the same for all the points the highlight is being applied at. This enables you to have one highlight for a light source versus a separate highlight for a light source. For example, when using highlights, you can have a single highlight which covers the edge of the sword, or you can have two, which covers the side of the sword.

With highlights you can also add in the lights, such as the lights that light up the shadows. You can also add in highlights and shadows by doing a simple blending, or blending the highlights with the shadows, or even using a lighter than light method. In any case, you’ll see the shadows of the sword move with each successive line, like a shadow on a dark surface.

Shadows are also a lot like highlights, you can add in multiple lights, and they can all be combined to create something really beautiful. The only difference is that each light is a different color than the other lights. For example the redlight would be an orange light and the orange light from the other redlighter would be one that is orange as well.

What is a good example of when to use the highlighting/shadows

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