How do I create my own drawing style? – How To Use Graphite Sticks

Do I need to follow other instructions on how to draw a character, or should I learn everything on my own?

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For many beginners the best guide is to pick a basic art style and stick with it. It’s difficult to learn something new if a lot of the tools you’re using or using to practice it are already familiar.

I’m looking at a photo and I want to know how it was made

The best way I see to learn to make art is to look at examples. Take a few photos and see how they’re done, then try those.

The same holds true if you know how to draw in a specific style. Sometimes it is helpful to reference other art in order to feel your way in a new style.

I’m a professional but want to learn drawing. How can I get started?

There are tons of free resources out there and a wealth of different art styles. These are great places to start – but don’t get too hung up on having those things available immediately. It’s easier to learn a new tool like an eyeliner brush or some other tool while you’re drawing and then take some time to practice the process to get the feel from the experience.

So why aren’t you learning?

There are many reasons, one of which is that you are probably not being told how to do something right. Don’t get me wrong I want you to get good at drawing and I love drawing, but I also want you to keep in mind that you have a lot of artistic talent in your toolbox. You could be one of the few professional illustrators who have not put the effort in to learn how to draw, and maybe that’s what you want. Maybe you’re working on something as an extra on a side project, which may not have anything to do with this lesson at all.

If you feel like your work lacks creativity then I strongly recommend checking your style sheet. Is it time to get your own? Maybe you need a refresher.

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*Update: The video has been removed. I will be posting an updated tutorial if the video is removed from YouTube.

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