How do I create my own drawing style? – Hyper Realistic Pencil Drawings Of People

I try all the time to follow the style set out by the artist I am working on. I do look at other artists’ stuff – especially when it is my own stuff – so that whenever I do an art review I will keep that in mind. I always use a ‘style guide’ to make sure I am not doing anything silly. I am trying to keep it as close, if not identical, to what the artist did and make sure they always had a good base to start as well. I also try to use the same kind of ‘style guide’ when I am working together with other artists.

I am aware of the many styles out there that you can pick from, but how easy is it to make your own style? If you use a particular technique to try and improve it, is that enough, or are there other methods?

I would say the most difficult thing is picking your own style and sticking with it. Sometimes you’ll find some stuff does a couple of things really well and that you really like. It can even be helpful when working on a project together to get that one aspect to take precedence, and make the whole thing more seamless. I would think the hardest part is actually getting used to all the different techniques and what works well against each other and all the different ways people have tried them before you and what just doesn’t work. Some people just really like the way one thing looks, some people just like them to be different, they just like them to be different, and so on and so forth. It is a bit of a balancing act, not to mention the fact that you have to work hard at getting into the different aspects of a style as well as doing your research properly to sort out what works best. All that said, I have made it through my first few styles and it has been really rewarding. I feel like my very small portfolio shows that I can make beautiful work if I really try.

Is it hard getting your work out onto the internet and being noticed for your work?

A bit. If you are really lucky, people may recognise your style through their friends or through their friends posting comments/links to what you have done. I used Instagram a lot and got good replies from people from all over the world and all over the world got my stuff out there and a lot of people that did not know about the style just kind of stuck to their own stuff. A lot of work, for sure, is just getting noticed and getting other

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