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A simple example of when the eye’s eye is in the pencil is when you are looking towards your nose and the pencil is parallel to your skin, that’s the eye tip. Another example of using the eye is when you’re drawing a line and the lines on the page intersect while your eye is in the pencil.

The same thing applies to how you draw the pencil, you don’t really want your lines to overlap. As I said in my previous post, I often draw my pencil with the tip toward my eye and my line is parallel to my skin, this is because my eyes are parallel to my skin.

So we get a similar pencil shape when the eye makes sense, and when the nose is in the pencil it doesn’t. As much as it might make perfect sense on paper, on a camera that would be impossible due to the fact that I have to zoom in to make the camera fit. With video, I think the camera will come off.

There is another benefit of using an eye pencil compared to a pen-in-a-cup – I find that I can fill in the spaces better on my computer with an eye pencil.

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