How do you draw pencil art? – Pencil Drawing Ideas With Shading Lines Engraving

I always use ink and make notes on the color pallet before I apply anything. I try to remember the palette so that I can create my own color by hand when necessary. It’s always better when creating color by hand, I would say, because it really forces you to think ahead when you’re creating the drawing. You start from the basic idea, like “Where should I draw the eye? Where’s a good angle like the one on that page I see today?” And then make sure it’s good, so it can stand on its own without any assistance.
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The key in drawing pencil art is just getting your pencil from the palette and onto paper. As a beginner, you should never let the pencil touch your paper because it doesn’t want to draw to itself. It’s only drawing to the surface. It can really be dangerous, but you have to know how to move your pencil to make the picture stick. The basic idea is to move the pencil from a certain angle; in case I want to draw a line and then move the pencil in circles. And if you move the pencil very fast, you can destroy the paper and the line you want to draw. But you know how the drawing goes to the surface of the screen, so it will never get out of the surface of the screen. Even if it gets very rough, it will still look good with this way of drawing the pencil.

How do you feel when you make your pencils?

I love making art, but in the beginning the idea of being done with it a bit is very painful. As soon as you’re making pencil art you can only make it so much. Some people are even discouraged and think they can’t do anything with pencil art. Others just get very excited and get started again until what they had just done gets finished. But for all the kids who work for me, I encourage them to keep working on the pencil art for a while and get it done like painting. With pencil work, it’s very rewarding.

Has there been a particular artist you love and work especially hard for?

Hmmm, maybe a famous artist. Maybe someone like Jackson Pollock. I’ve worked with him on pencil art before, back when I was working on painting. I think we’ve done lots of pencil art together and I’ve seen him many times. When we worked together on painting, he was the first to send me some finished artwork that came from a drawing he had seen in a book,

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