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“I do protect the pencil. It doesn’t have to touch the surface, but I do it so it does touch the surface,” says Dr. Sall.

The government is trying to block websites that have leaked documents revealing government surveillance schemes, claiming that there are no legal grounds to block them.

On 1 September, UK authorities blocked the IP addresses of websites hosting documents on the government’s mass surveillance programmes, such as PRISM. However, there were no legal grounds for it to do so. Since the block was in place, the Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) has repeatedly stressed that there is no legal basis to block websites that have the documents posted online.

According to The Guardian, on 5 November the UK blocked the IP addresses of multiple sites hosting leaked documents, including those listed above. The UK government also stated that it could block IP addresses from the affected URLs (including those that had been blocked), but declined to provide the grounds for doing so.

On 3 December, the government said that it had no grounds to issue a general, unqualified, unqualified blocking order without giving users the chance to challenge it in court. A decision was issued that “reversed a previous decision to take such action”.

At the same time, the government is refusing to offer any explanations regarding why it decided that it would block IP addresses from the affected URLs.

In a statement posted on 25 December, the UK government stated that it “is not satisfied with the transparency of the process under which this has occurred.”

“The relevant data [was] provided to us during the course of a routine compliance check on 2 June,” it continued. The government noted that it had only received a request, not an actual subpoena. “We do not have any information that could identify you to any extent at all. We are aware that some of our colleagues are concerned that the government has not offered them an explanation for its decision.”

In its statement in response to today’s filing, the government stated: “The public should be assured that the public authorities have the legal authority to order a site to be blocked under appropriate legislation on the grounds of national security.”

It said the process for obtaining lawful access to the IP address is “currently open.”

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