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First, the pencil drawing must be at least 10 inches tall. You can’t use an over-sized pencil, because any error, even the slightest one, could make it difficult to draw. Secondly, you can’t use the edge of your pencil, which prevents the pencil from going in too deep or in the hole from the thickness of the paper.

So, if your pencil sketch is 10 inches tall and you’re drawing an upside down triangle, it has a little more room for error — so it should go in deeper than it should.

Can you tell more about the technique used to prepare your pencil drawing?

First, the artist lays his paper on a piece of cardboard. Then, with two fingers, he pulls the pencil through the edge of the cardboard into the pencil well. Next, his finger moves a little bit to the right and the pencil comes out.

Does that all sound so easy?

Of course, that’s because it is, in fact, easy. Most of the time, however, you’ll find that the pencil slips out. You might want to check whether your pencil tip is pointed so it doesn’t slip off. That would make it harder to draw on the board.

But if the tip is already pointing out, it’s easier to draw on.

I hear you say, “But what if I need to draw quickly?”

A good sketch needs at least one drawing, so you’ll probably need to work on it immediately after you’ve finished drawing on the board. But if you’re using a pencil, and you’re drawing something very quickly (for instance, sketching on a piece of paper covered with crayon), the drawing will be so smooth that you won’t have to do much work afterward, and you can just go back to the drawing and finish them.

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How do you draw without a pencil?

Sometimes it’s necessary to draw something fast without a pencil. If that happens, think of the space you have on the table. If you can’t get to it, draw with ink or paint on the paper (or on paper covered with crayon if you do it quickly).

It depends on you. Sometimes, to take a lot of space, you just need to move slowly and find the space you need to fill. If you’re more used to drawings, you might want to find another space to fill.

What drawing techniques will you use?

I used to draw

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