How do you sketch an eye? – Pencil Drawings Of Dragons And Monsters

You don’t use pencil and paint: you’ve got water. You see the eye? I know. You are not ready for your first job drawing human beings, so let me ask you… do you know whether the face or the face-in-the-mouth is correct in that drawing? If it is not correct, then you still have about 30 seconds left. If you know how a certain eye works, then the face and the face-in-the-mouth are the way to go. Just go with that. You can still try something else, too. You can create the mouth in pencil, but that’s not the same thing. When you learn eye-eye-eye-eye-mouth, you will know what is correct.

“In the eye-eye-eye-eye-mouth drawing you should see a complete image as opposed to one that you are drawing as a whole. A good way to do that is to keep drawing with the eyes closed or close to having them open. That kind of thing, again, is called pencil sketching. You can’t draw with pencil or paint because if you get rid of your head it’s like trying to draw in water and you are drawing by feeling the water. You can’t do that. So the more detailed you can get, the more you will be able to see how it is written on the paper.”

3. Be careful of your imagination. If you start drawing that way it will become very rigid and you will become very afraid. “When sketching, always try to keep the drawing as close as possible to reality. It’s as if you’re trying to imagine that you might be watching yourself on TV, or that a certain thing in your life might happen. If you go too far out of your comfort zone, it will be hard to come back to it.”

4. Remember: Sketch and paint together, but don’t make a lot of drawings. “It’s difficult to draw your own face if you draw a lot. If you do enough, you will forget your mistakes, but it’s not really worth it when you are going for something fresh.”

5. Practice the idea. “It is absolutely necessary to practice a lot, otherwise when you reach the level where you are getting your ideas from your head you won’t have the confidence to express them in pen and ink to show for it.”

6. Don’t try to figure things out by yourself. “Make a point of being with people

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