Is pencil a medium? – Pencil Drawings Of Skulls And Roses

What is medium? I can hear your sigh of disappointment, because you don’t think it’s something that should be called a pencil.

When drawing a pencil, it’s really just a brush and a nib with a bunch of other tips, as it were, attached to it. But when you draw a pen, you’re actually working with a solid medium that’s thicker than air. It’s called ink, and it’s very, very thick.

If you don’t know what ink is, I thought for the next several minutes I might die of fright. I had to start at the beginning. How are you supposed to draw with a pencil, anyway? I tried it again. It feels like I’m starting something new.

Do you actually start from a blank pencil or just drawing in pencil—or both?

Well, the pencil is actually the same as the pencil just sketched in.

The only difference you really see is when you take it from the paper.

I don’t start drawing in pencil, because I draw the outline of what I want to draw on my paper, so I don’t want to ruin it. I don’t want it to look exactly like it’s going to look when I’m finished. So I start drawing in pencil and let the ink flow over the paper and it’s a smooth, flat line.

When you draw an eraser, it’s drawing your line on a piece of paper, not drawing the actual pencil or eraser.

What else can I draw, by the way? Anything—anything really that doesn’t look pencil or medium?

One of the hardest things for people to grasp, especially with beginners, is that you can’t draw any sort of line, not even a line to indicate depth.

A line is like you saying, “You’re a boy? I’m a boy!” You can draw a thing and it doesn’t matter what it looks like. It’s like a tree that can look like it’s about to fall over. You can just see this thing.

There’s no depth, nothing about the lines. There’s no depth, nothing about the character, nothing about it. A line has nothing to do with anything.

To do that in pencil becomes a really easy process in that drawing can be done exactly the same way and at any scale.

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