Is there a number 1 pencil? – Drawing Pictures

Yes, there is an 8 piece number 1 pencil in our shop. This pencil is the finest in the world and is the only one to be given away with the first order. The number 1 pencil will be in excellent condition. Only $9.95 each.

Can I get my pencil sent directly to me? No. The product for the purchase of the number 1 pencil will be sent to you directly in the form of a check or payable to ‘number 1 pencil.’

Do I need to have something for this pencil? No, no extra pieces are needed. Only 8 pieces.

Will the pencil be sent to me before or after my order? No, the pencil will be sent prior to your order and you must complete two forms of payment before the product can be sent.

Can the number 1 pencil be shipped? No, the number 1 pencil will not be shipped with the package, so you will have to mail it yourself.

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Is my order made online? No, this will not be your order. Your order will be sent via FedEx.

How do I track my order? It is easy for you to log in to track your order online. Please click here.

What if your order is late? We want you to enjoy the number 1 pencil but we have to make sure there are enough pencils for everyone. If your order cannot be made due to any reason, please call or email us and we will send you a refund in the amount of $10.00. We want to make sure each customer has fun and they love our product as much as we do. If we are notified your order has not been shipped after 72 hours, we will credit your previous order and send it to you with a note with information on how and where to order again. Please remember, even for those of you who were supposed to get your first order this week, please contact us as soon as possible. There is only a limited number of available samples each week and the first order we get is the one we send to you. With the number 1 pencil, we hope you would want to keep trying to find more!

A lot of folks have asked me about how to do the same with your guitar for all strings. I really like the idea of using the original tuning, but this is so much easier. I was just listening to a song on an iPod that I think you could pull off perfectly. You take up the middle 7 and change it. Then take it apart.

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