Is there a number 1 pencil? – Pencil Drawing Pictures Simple

The number 1 pencil has a hole and a tip. If the tip is not cut out, it does not take care of itself. The size varies from pencil to pencil and there is a small gap between the tip and the hole. The reason for this is that the tip has to get into the hole to make a pencil. There is no magic number here, it is just the size.

Q. Hi Bill, i am trying to make a pencil with a number 1 point. Is this a problem? This point is larger than the hole I used to make the pencil. What’s the deal with that point?

A. First let’s take a look at how to make a pencil with a number 1 point.

It is simply by measuring out the diameter of the smallest part of the tip, then the diameter of the widest part of the hole and the distance the pencil will take under tension is the tip diameter. The easiest way to measure the diameter of the smallest part is to take a ruler and mark out the diameter of the base as you normally would with a pencil.

There are different ways of doing this. I prefer the simplest way as I believe it will give you a more consistent pencil. The diameter of the part I used to start out with (I made it exactly the size of a pencil point.) and measure in diameter is exactly 7/8″. (5.5mm). That is the smallest part of the bottom of the bottom of the pencil.

Now I need to mark the base as it will have a hole. I am marking the base with a piece of paper so, you know, it is easy to do. (If you look closely you can see where the line ends as all the markings were made on the paper.) It is easy to draw the lines of the hole as you draw the hole, as you need to be able to do this right the first time. Then you just repeat the pattern on the top of the pencil.

The next step is to start with a pencil. I am using my sharpie pen. If you use a different size, measure the diameter of the pen, the diameter of the part you are going to start with and make the pencil as described above. If it is larger than the part you are going to start with you will have to cut the pencil.

Using the pencil as described above, take your ruler and draw the outline of the pencil. It will have a hole and a tip, if this is the

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