Is there a number 1 pencil? – Pencil Drawings Of Dragonflies


1, but I use a number 2 pencil

No, there is no 1 pencil in this pencil case

Would you recommend this case? (answer)


Would you recommend this case? (answer)


Simple Eye Drawing Colored Pencil by deartnote on DeviantArt
If you could, wouldn’t, etc.

Is the pencil with this case well made? (answer)


If it were a case, I would not use the pencil with it

How does the pencil feel in your hand when you are writing? (answer)

I don’t have a pencil with me

Would you prefer to use a standard 9-inch size or a standard 11-inch size? (answer)

Standard size

Would you prefer a custom case or the regular case? (answer)

Custom case

Would you ever buy a case again? (answer)

Yeah, for a lot of reasons

If you were in a rush and needed to have all of your pencils for a particular assignment at the same time, would you buy the case and use those pencils the moment you received them? (answer)

Yes, for a while

Do you favor a special case over a normal one?

Yes, a special case

On an average day, how many hours do you spend in the pencil room?

One to three hours

When your pencil case is at your disposal, do you ever forget some of the basic things you need?

In the summer months (spring and fall), when the pencils are all set, the best thing I have seen anyone do is put all their pencils away when the sun is down

Do you like pencils on paper?

Yes, I use them more than I do on the computer

Have you ever found a paper that doesn’t give you the right idea due to the way the letters are laid out?

No, never found one that didn’t

Do you prefer a different colored pencil

No, I do not

Are there any cases that you feel are just plain unappealing?


Is the paper you are using for this class right?

Yes, it is one of the best in its class

If you were in this class again, how would you revise the material?

Change the problem statement slightly, making it shorter

How much will it cost me

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