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Drawing Styles The main categories of drawing styles are: abstract, sketching, realistic, caricature, and realistic with shading. Each has its respective purposes: Abstract: this style is used for sketching and to show a sense of the artist’s imagination. It does not express meaning nor the story of the artist’s life. It is also used for the visual expression of ideas and the creation of characters. Sketching: This style is used to create illustrations, and to express abstract ideas without the influence of the emotions. The artist uses the medium and the way that the drawing is expressed to bring the characters to life and to create the illusion of life. It is also used to express the way that artists draw human figures. It can also be used to create realistic drawings. Sculpture: This style is most often used for sculptures and art. The artist creates a detailed figure and then draws a line to connect the points. As a result the figure becomes real. The most famous sculptors are Raphael, Rembrandt, and Titian. Realistic: This style shows the artist’s knowledge of drawing. It has several uses: It is used for the making of illustrations, to show the work of the artist and of his colleagues. It can also be used for the visualization of the work of an artist. It is also used for the visual display of the objects of an artist. It can also be used for the creation of figures by depicting the form and the shape. As such the realism of art cannot be denied or questioned.

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What are the pros and cons of each class of drawing style? Drawing Styles The pros of using an abstract style are that the subject matter is not very specific. That is, the artist can choose the style based on the subject he is dealing with. That is, the artist does not need to have special knowledge of anatomy and physiology, nor the study of history and mythology. If the artist does not want to paint, the abstract style will be an excellent choice. It does show more information and does not become overly complex. For a realistic style, the subject matter must be of more general interest. With a cartoon painting or a caricature there is less information that is needed to express. The main purpose of the abstract style is to create abstractions. With abstracts it is obvious that the artist creates little to no details. This may be fine for certain subjects. Some people may enjoy it, for example those with an artistic bent. However, for those who would dislike a complex subject matter, the cartoon style

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